Hua (Amos) An


Hua (Amos) An Data Analyst, Seattle, Washington Graduated: Fall 2016
Degree: M.S. Information Technology and Computing

Best memories from my Valpo days:  

The time when I went to Porter County Fair with my friends and had so much fun. I hadn’t been to any county or state fairs since then but I absolutely can be up for going to one anytime.

How studying at Valpo prepared me:

Many of the major courses helped better orientate my career path. I had good hands-on experiences from doing academic projects in data mining and software programming. My internship at a local American start-up company here in Valparaiso was also a great learning and practicing journey to be professional. All these together created a good focus when looking for the position that could better fit my skillset.

Recent travels:

I travelled back to my home country China in early May 2021 amid the pandemic. It was definitely not easy but everything went smoothly especially when getting tested and staying in a 14-day quarantine after landing.

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