Abdulaziz Almansour


Abdulaziz Almansour Senior performance analyst – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Graduated: August 2016
Degree: Bachelor in Business Management

Best memories from my Valpo days:  

One of the greatest things happen to me, is when I got the chance to be a student at Valpo. During my time there I met with friendly people, they would treat others with respect and understand the differences. Valpo is the place where you would gain knowledge and be happy. Its definitely one of the few places in the world where you would like to stay more.

How studying at Valpo prepared me:

As a student in the business school I was lucky to be part of great network where I had the chance to meet with great individuals as well as learn from their experience. I would say that proudly Valpo would put you in the top of the game, and doors would open eventually.

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