Invitation Letter Templates

Invitation letters from Valparaiso University to a U.S. consulate are not a requirement in order for guests to be granted a B-2 visitor’s visa. International Programs does not issue invitation letters for international students. See this government webpage for details on required documents for a B1/B2 visitor’s visa.  However, students can create their own invitation letters by using one of the following templates. Students can prove their current F-1/J-1 status by attaching the documents listed below to their invitation letter.

When using the template, follow these directions:

  • Fill in the requested information (highlighted in blue) with you and your guest(s’) information
  • Once you have completed the template, change the font to black (Ctrl+A to highlight the whole document; change the font to black)
  • Deliver to guest(s). You may choose to verify your student status at Valparaiso University with any of the following documentation:
    • a copy of your passport
    • a copy of your most recent F-1/J-1 visa
    • a copy of your recently signed I-20 or DS-2019
    • a proof of your enrollment at Valparaiso University, such as one of the following…
      • Official transcript (available on DataVU)
      • Printout of schedule of classes, academic/course record, or degree audit from DataVU
        • Printouts from DataVU are not official documents. They will not be signed by any Valpo staff or faculty member for the purpose of enrollment verification.
      • Enrollment Verification from the DataVU (on the main Students page)
        • This document is only one of several forms of documentation possible and is not required for your friend/relative’s visa interview.
        • If you have already signed up to participate in an upcoming commencement ceremony, that can also be reflected on the verification letter.

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