Jihad Kadhim

Jihad Kadhim

Jihad Kadhim Ph.D Student at Babylon University (Iraq), Clinical Instructor & Professor Graduated: December 2013
Degree: M.S., Nursing Education

Best memories from your Valpo days:  

I have so many things in my memory from VU that I always remember. I remember playing ultimate Frisbee with David Brown and how he taught me to throw the disc; it was such a fun game with many American and International students from different majors who studied at VU at that time. In addition, I remember a lot of things that I loved there such as swimming, playing soccer, volleyball etc. I took so much knowledge and experience from Valpo and I am transferring it to my current students and colleagues, and they are so happy with everything that I teach them. Simply, life in Valpo was great and it was an amazing opportunity for me to be a VU student. Now I feel so grateful and happy to be a Valpo alumnus.

The best memory that I have from Valparaiso University is knowing very great people. People at Valpo are so kind and friendly. I made many friends at Valpo. Faculty members and colleagues are so helpful; they helped me to achieve my goal and ambition by learning new experience and different cultures. There were so many activities that made me feel I was at home. In fact, I never felt I was in a new country, I felt at home in Valpo! People at Valpo are so welcoming and generous.

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