Mohammed Alsaygh


Mohammed Alsaygh Working in Railways & Transportation – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Graduated: December 2016
Degree: B.S. Electrical Engineering

Best memories from my Valpo days:  

I have so many great memories in Valpo as I considered it to be home for 4 years. I truly appreciate the kindness and support we received from all VU faculty, and especially in the College of Engineering. I loved every aspect of living in Valpo, from going to VU, the amazing community, beautiful weather and to living close to Chicago.

My favorite memory would the GE course at the college of Engineering. From that I was able to decide which engineering disciple is most interesting to me.

How studying at Valpo prepared me:

The amazing learning experience I had in Valpo helped me not only from knowledge point of view, but I was also able to improve the essential skills needed to start my career. Not only in my major courses, but I also enjoyed other courses such as Business writing, theology, and Dale Carnegie course.

Recent travels:

Since leaving Valpo, I have visited 18 countries located in Asia, Africa, Europe and America. My last trip in December 2019 was Malaysia & Singapore. The way I see traveling is that it is an opportunity to see more and learn more about other countries and other cultures.

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