Graduated: December 2020

Degree: M.S., Information Technology

Current Job: Business System Analyst



Best memories from your Valpo days:

Lesson learnt from my professors; time spent with my friends from different other countries like India, Russia, Belarus, Italy, Germany, China, Vietnam, etc. Every lecture which I attended during my time at Valpo. Most of all, I won’t forget the time being awarded as a MVP continuously for 3 times in the Volleyball Tournament for VISA! There are so many other memories, for which this space wouldn’t be enough.


How Valpo prepared you for your career path:

Starting a new IT career after completing my Bachelors degree and joining in Valparaiso University helped me think through lot of challenges that would come my way in the future. All the contents delivered by my professors, support and ideas pumped in by my seniors and friends has helped me face all those challenges. Special thanks to my beloved and respected professor Peter Sedrak who has played a vital role in shaping my idea and concept and myself as well. He has motivated me in such a way that I am enjoying my job as a Business System Analyst in a reputed IT Health Project here in Virginia.


Recent Travels:

In thes last 2 years, since arriving in 2019 in the U.S., I had chances to visit many other states like Alabama, Missisippi, Southern Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, New York, and Illinois. The best trips out of these was to do the sky diving in Alabama, visiting Times Square and other monuments in New York, and staying longer than a week at the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.