Xue Rui

Xue Rui

Xue Rui Senior Administrator, Vancouver, Canada Graduated: May 2014
Degree: M.A., TESOL

Best memories from your Valpo days:  

I have tremendous wonderful memories from my Valpo days. I came to Valparaiso University planning to acquire some knowledge to fulfill my passion for teaching and I left with great university learning and working experience.

VU is a place I once studied and lived and now has become part of my best memories. There I was able to grow academically and professionally. I had exciting and valuable experience presenting at the Illinois and International TESOL Conference. I remember my first practicum and how much support and guidance I had from my professors. All my professors are approachable and friendly. I remember all their names, and I believe they would remember mine as they truly care about their students. 

I also developed a lifelong friendship at VU. I have been in touch with these friends almost every day. I had friends visiting me in Vancouver as well as meeting up with some of them when I was traveling. 

I never felt lonely as I was always being cared for and supported. Lots of exciting events were organized by OIP and various student organizations on campus gave me a diverse and lively university experience. 

VU is not a research-focused university such as Harvard or MIT, but it is a place where you can extend your knowledge and get invaluable experience and most importantly always feel being supported and remembered.

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