February 1, 2014

Learn something… and win a prize!

IT is excited to announce a contest and prizes available for those of you using your lynda.com account. To participate, just continue doing what you are doing…logging in, viewing courses, and completing training using lynda.com. At the end of the spring semester we will review our reports to see who had the most hours watched, the most courses viewed, and the most certificates of completion. A prize will be award to the winner in each category. You could win a gift card, or even a Chromebook!

No additional steps are required, no extra work/commitment, and you don’t need to contact us to participate… we will contact you if you are a WINNER! It’s easy to participate in the contest – just login at valpo.edu/r/lynda and start watching videos. (Bonus! If you’re using an iOS mobile device, you can even download a course to your device and view it offline, such as during a Spring Break trip!)

The lynda.com Online Training Library(r) has over 2,400 courses related to a variety of technologies, creative tools, and soft business skills; just for learning something new, you could be the recipient of one of the prizes.

For more information, check the IT website. Questions related to logging into lynda.com should be directed to the IT Help Desk. Any other questions related to this contest can be directed to Becky Klein, manager of client relations.

Thank you for your participation, happy learning, and good luck!!!

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