April 10, 2014

IT staff are partnering with McShane’s to conduct an evaluation of printing efficiency on campus. Beginning in mid-April through the end of the semester, a team including representatives from McShane’s and Valpo’s IT department will be visiting all locations on campus where printing is available to map out our current printers and update our inventory information. Our goal is to use the information gathered from this process to optimize the efficiency of printing on campus and ensure that we are using our printers (and the associated consumable resources, such as toner) to our maximum benefit.

After the evaluation is completed, some printers may be moved to improved locations or replaced with more efficient models. We do not plan to reduce or eliminate any printing services. We simply want our equipment and resources to be used effectively, and in a way that achieves the most value for the cost. We will do our best in this process to minimize any disruption to your daily operations.

If you have questions or concerns about this process, please contact Becky Klein, Manager of Client Relations. We appreciate your cooperation.

-Paul Lapsansky
Director, Technical Services

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