May 6, 2014
The Valparaiso University Department of Computing and Information Sciences and the Office of Information Technology will be presenting a panel discussion on “Current Trends in Internet Security” Wednesday, May 7, from 7 – 8:30 p.m. in the Community Room of the Christopher Center.
A recent flurry of notable vulnerabilities in internet browsers, tools, and supposedly secure communication pipelines (such as the Heartbleed Bug in OpenSSL, and the Zero Day threats for Internet Explorer and Adobe Flash) have heightened awareness of issues related to computer and internet security. Local experts in the area of internet and cyber security are coming together to offer an information session to any campus or community citizen interested in these topics, and will discuss them with a variety of perspectives, from technical to commercial.
Panelists will address questions such as: What was “Heartbleed” all about? What is OpenSSL and why was it vulnerable? What is a zero day threat? Is there a reason for this sudden cluster of severe security problems? Are there any predictions as to “what’s next?” If you are a business owner who has an internet presence or uses internet tools, or if you are a customer of a business on the internet, what should you be concerned about? In general, what are our best practices we can take as internet citizens to protect ourselves? There will also be an open question and answer session.
Panelists include:
  • Jim Caristi, Chair, Department of Computing and Information Sciences (moderator)
  • Martin Ignatovski, Instructor of Information Technology
  • Ryan Freeman-Jones, Instructor of Information Technology
  • Bob Konicke, VU Office of Information Technology
  • Dave Sierkowski, VU Office of Information Technology
  • Robert Johnson, President and CEO of CIMCOR Inc.
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