Date: 04/23/18 10:10 AM
Status: up
Who: All
When: 04/23/18, 10:00 AM

The EMS desktop app was restored to service last week. We apologize for the delayed notification that it was fixed.

Date: 04/18/18 9:45 AM
Status: down
Who: Staff
When: 04/18/18, 9:30 AM

We've received reports from people having problems using the EMS desktop app. At this time, it appears the web interface is working, and the issues are only with the desktop app. IT staff are aware and looking into the issue.

If you're experiencing problems, submit an ITicket to the Help Desk with as much detail as possible so we can investigate. https://helpdesk.valpo.edu, helpdesk@valpo.edu, 219.464.5678