Service Status Definitions

IT posts the status of our major services in the IT service status dashboard located in the upper right of any page on our website. If the status is yellow or red, click on the button to see more details about what services may be affected. To help explain these statuses, please refer to the following table.

Status Definition
check-mark-xxl All services are functioning normally; no known issues.
warning-5-xxl There is a known issue affecting a service for a portion of the campus community.
x-mark-xxl The service is completely unavailable to most or all of the campus community.

Regular Maintenance Windows

All IT systems (including Blackboard Learn, Colleague and DataVU) may be unavailable during these regular system maintenance periods:

  • 3 – 7 a.m. Wednesdays
  • 3 – 7 a.m. Saturdays

Additionally, the Colleague and DataVU systems may be unavailable:

  • 5 a.m. – noon Sundays
  • 5 – 7 a.m. Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays

Subscribe to the calendar below to see what maintenance work is scheduled on our systems.

How do I report an issue?

While IT uses automated monitoring services that often alert us to a problem before it is widespread, sometimes you will notice an issue before we have a chance to address it. If you experience a problem, please call the IT Help Desk at 219.464.5678. If all Help Desk staff members are unavailable, you will be directed to our voicemail. Please leave a message with as much detail as possible so that we can follow up appropriately. Information like your name, a call back phone number, specific error messages, your location on campus, the VU tag number of your computer, and other pertinent details will be very helpful to us as we investigate the problem.

Important note: tickets entered directly at or email messages sent to are assumed to be non-urgent situations. If you are experiencing a possible service outage, a phone call is the most effective way to contact us.

If you are calling after the Help Desk has closed, please leave a voicemail and we will address the problem once we re-open.

How do I find out about an issue?

IT Website

IT posts the status of our major services in the service status dashboard located in the upper right of any page on the IT website.  You can click on any service to see additional information about what is affecting those major services.


We also will post information about service outages on our ITicket system at

Social Media

We will also post status updates at our Facebook page ( and Twitter account ( These pages also include tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Valpo’s IT services.

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