October 2018

Cyber Security Is Our Shared Responsibility

National Cyber Security Awareness Month logo

We’re underway with our annual observance of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and we’re proud to be an official Champion promoting this campaign. Conducted every October since 2004, NCSAM is a global campaign encouraging all digital citizens to protect their computers, mobile devices, networks, data, and private information.

If you use the internet and want to keep it safer and more secure for everyone, we invite you to join us and become an active participant. We’ll be sharing statistics, tips and tricks, and other helpful information throughout the month via a variety of channels. Join us and improve your #CyberAware status!

Hashtag Cyberaware logoClick the image above of the #CyberAware hashtag to be taken to a page of Google search results.

The image below of the NCSAM Champion logo will take you to the StaySafeOnline.org website.
National Cyber Security Awareness Month logo

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