IT’s Account Management System (AMS) allows you to manage your ValpoNet password. The AMS was developed in-house by our talented IT Solutions Engineers and is designed to integrate with Gmail@Valpo, our Active Directory system, and a number of other systems. Login at this address:

Instructions to change your password and set your recovery options are available in our knowledge base.

The AMS allows you to manage your password through a webpage, and you will receive email notifications in advance of your password expiration. Features included in this system are:

  • Set a mobile phone to receive a text message if you forget your password.
  • Set a non-Valpo email address to receive a message if you forget your password.
  • Receive a voice call if you don’t have texting capabilities or a non-Valpo email address.
  • Valpo alumni are able to manage their Gmail@Valpo password.

As the AMS evolves and grows with campus, new features and functions will be added. This service is the single location you need to manage all aspects of your accounts on campus to allow you to have the best user account experience possible.

Video training on how to use the AMS is available at our YouTube channel.

Questions about this system should be directed to the IT Help Desk (, 219.464.5678).

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