IT has enabled the option for you to set up Google’s 2-step verification for your Gmail@Valpo account.

What is it? It’s an added layer of security for your Google account by changing the login process. When you login, you begin by entering your password as normal. If it is the first time you are logging in to a new device, you will also be prompted to enter a six-digit code. You will receive the code via text message, phone call, or mobile device app. After entering the code, you’re taken to your account.

Why is it helpful? This method protects your account because if you accidentally share your password with someone else, that person still cannot get into your account because they won’t have the security code to enter.

Is there a downside? Some view using 2-step verification as inconvenient due to the extra steps required for logging in on a new device. Individuals using 2-step verification on campus lab computers will need to enter the code every time they login. This feature also requires you to enter a phone number for the purpose of receiving the codes.

We are not currently requiring anyone to use this security option, but it is a wise choice for anyone who is concerned about protecting their information from hackers, phishers, or anyone else who wants to use your information for their benefit.

It works on all devices where you login to your Gmail@Valpo account, including computers and mobile devices. Google also has an app called “Authenticator” that works in conjunction with 2-step verification. Learn more about how to use 2-step verification at this Google website:

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