Here are some things you may not know about the benefits of using Google Apps for Education.

Gmail@Valpo Gives You A LOT Of Space

In your Google account, you will have unlimited space for your email.

No Program to Install on Your Computer

Gmail is a web browser-based email system. This means there are no programs to be installed on your computer. Instead, you will be able to access your email from any computer with a web browser.

Sharing and Collaborating Are a Breeze

Google Apps is all about sharing and collaborating, not only with other people on campus, but also with people outside Valpo. Calendars, contacts, and documents are a few things that you can easily share with others.

Additional Functions Like Google Docs and Groups

In addition to Email, Calendar, and Contacts, using Gmail@Valpo allows you to have access to Google Docs and Google Groups. Google Docs is an online office suite that allows you to quickly share documents and allow others to edit your documents. Google Groups is a mailing list management system.

Chat Within Your Browser

With Gmail@Valpo, you will have a chat window built-in to your mailbox. And since it’s Google, you will be able to chat with people outside the university who also have a Google account.

Login Using Your Email Address

Login using your email address instead of your ValpoNet username (i.e. what you use with Blackboard Learn or DataVU). There are two places you can go to login: or

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