Staff / Services

Tech Support is comprised of fulltime staff members and several student employees. Services offered range from desktop software installation, software troubleshooting, hardware troubleshooting, equipment upgrades / replacements, lab and classroom support, student network connectivity troubleshooting, and wireless access troubleshooting. If you are experiencing a problem that may need support from this area please contact the Help Desk to start an ITicket for the issue.

Equipment Replacement

IT manages the replacement and upgrade process for all laptop and desktop computers owned by the university. If you feel your computer needs to be replaced, submit an ITicket via the Help Desk to request a consultation and assessment.

Classroom Technology / Conference Assistance

If you require assistance with audio/visual or classroom technology for a conference or guest speaker on campus, please contact IT well in advance of your event to coordinate your needs with available support. Advance notice of setup and support needs will best equip IT staff to assist, especially for evening or weekend presentations when staff are not normally available. If you have any questions regarding available classroom technology or assistance through IT for conferences/presentations, contact the Help Desk.

If you require immediate classroom assistance, or need to report malfunctioning equipment or equipment in need of maintenance, please contact the Help Desk.

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