Student Testimonials

Abe B (’15), student

I love learning on It’s easy, fast, and free…..since I’m a Valpo student. I would definitely recommend it to a friend. They really explain things very well. I’m now able to use Gmail a lot better than I used to because I know more about it. When I get my new iPhone next year I am definitely going to use to learn how to use it. There are SO MANY things you can do with an iPhone, and should be able to help me understand most of them. I am very likely to use again because it was very helpful for me.

Leandro J (’15), student

One of the skills in the video is about using mental triggers to improve your memory….One of the ideas that I think I will actually use from the Time Management course is writing down what I have to do on a notepad in my computer so when I open it up I see what I have to get done. I liked using and have already recommended it to a friend of mine. I will continue to do so because not many know about it….I am very likely to use again in the near future.

Eric K (’12), student

I have now been using for a little under a year and have really come to enjoy the opportunities that this website has to offer. This site allows users to view thousands of training videos for a wide range of software programs. This service is very helpful when I am working and need assistance in troubleshooting programs that I have never seen before or may not be very comfortable with; thus far, I have been able to broaden my knowledge of Gmail, Google Calendar, Mac OS, and the iPhone through this service. I have also utilized this website on my own time in an effort to more effectively learn some of the different aspects and capabilities of Microsoft Excel. Overall, I feel that is a very worthwhile resource for students, faculty, and staff that wish to enhance their knowledge of different software programs that they may be interested in or need to learn certain functions of for work or class.

Tricia P (’15), student

The skills that I’m taking away that I might be able to apply to my overall time management strategy are better organization and staying up to date more easily. I think learning on was great and I would definitely recommend it to a friend if they needed help. I think is a helpful tool that explains different things that need to be learned to better your everyday life and it explains it very well and thoroughly. If I were to get a new tech gadget for a gift, I would love to get the iPad, and yes I think using to learn about how it works would be very helpful and tell me all I need to know about it and I would for sure use it. After learning about I have realized that I would definitely use it again and probably sometime in the very near future!

Alex R (’15), student

I was introduced to earlier this year with the “becoming a master student” class. I enjoyed the resource because it allowed me to quickly and efficiently learn things such as Google calendar in my own time. I had a good experience with Training because of the good variety of topics that the company covers, the through amount of information and steps they show in learning the training sessions and the ease of access to the training. Being a student is quite a time consuming job, but being able to access this extra training and actively expanding my knowledge allows me to succeed. I’m very glad that we have this resource available and the correct motivators to push us towards doing them. The training sessions are engaging and pretty fun when I am able to dive into the subjects that I’m willing to learn.

Faculty Testimonials

Mark Fortney, former Adjunct Instructor in Communication

I use the Online Training Library® to watch videos on CSS and HTML for developing web pages. I also use it to learn how to make themes for WordPress.
I am using the best practices now for developing web pages from the experts. My knowledge on web developing has greatly improved to create dynamic web sites.
I like the table of contents and the exercise files available. I can follow each lesson and repeat it if I missed something.
I felt the most valuable courses were learning CSS 3, HTML 5 and Javascript. These skills are valuable to me now.

Tricia White, Director, Academic Success Center

A key objective of Valpo’s Strategies for Academic Success course is to connect students with campus resources. In particular, the course aims to expose students to the type of resources that offer opportunities for students to broaden their learning and boost their academic achievement. In the fall of 2011, Becky Klein invited me to participate in a committee that was formulated to help guide the launch of the product to different user groups. Since I teach the “Strategies” course, she thought that I could lend some insight into tactics for getting students to use this new resource. I began to require students in the course to complete a “Resource Visit” to by watching 30 minutes of Gmail, Google Calendar or Time Management Fundamentals. I choose these topics from the library because they tied in with the time management unit of the course. To date, approximately 100 students in the course completed the assignment. Overall, their responses to are positive and demonstrate enthusiasm for the product. Even when initial responses weren’t positive (because students thought only older people would need help with tech stuff), students changed their minds after returning to for a second time at which point they were able to choose their own topic. 

Jennifer Ziegler, Dean of the Graduate School and Continuing Education

I appreciate having as a resource on campus, particularly for students in Digital Media. I use to orient beginning Master’s students to various design and production programs that they will be learning in their graduate courses. As students work on their graduate digital media projects later in the program, they often turn to to troubleshoot problems and to develop specific skills that will help them to add desired features to their final products.

Staff Testimonials

Becky Klein, Manager of IT Communications, Information Technology

The Online Training Library® is a tremendous resource, and I love it for many reasons.

  • convenience – It’s available 24×7, from on campus or at home.
  • it fits into my schedule – Whether I have 5 minutes or several hours, I have time to fit learning in anytime.
  • variety – There are almost 1300 different courses on a whole range of topics, including software programs, soft business skills, social media, etc. Whether I’m seeking professional or personal knowledge, there’s something that I want to learn. The list of available courses grows weekly!
  • The instructors are experts in their fields, so you know they understand the topic.
  • The instructors also work very hard to keep their presentation styles interesting, so it’s easy to stay engaged and focused.
  • If I’m having trouble understanding a particular concept, I can replay a video segment as often as I want, until I “get it.”
  • Closed captioning is available for most courses, so you can read along while you listen. In addition, the transcripts can be searched or printed so you can re-read what you’ve learned.

I’ve completed several Apple and Google courses, and learned so much. I completed a course about Mac OS X Lion, which was beneficial to me as one of the first on campus to upgrade the OS on my MacBook Pro. I also learned more about Gmail features, which was surprising to me, since I’d been using Gmail for 8 years already. I’ve also completed courses on the iPhone, which is a device we see with increasing frequency on campus. Taking these courses has made me a more knowledgeable employee, and people now seek me out as a “mobile device guru” or “Gmail expert” simply because I completed the courses.

Paula Shreve, HR Generalist, Human Resource Services is perfect for me—sometimes, I just want to figure out how to do one thing, and I don’t want to wait for or sit through a class to learn that one small thing. I first used it when I was trying to figure out how to do a pivot table in Excel. I was able to get the information I needed quickly, and use that information immediately and effectively. After that positive experience, I was hooked. has a great variety of programs that I can use both at work and at home (Office 2011 for Mac!) I’ve even found useful soft skills programs such as Time Management. I love the way the programs are indexed, allowing you to quickly find the information you need. I also enjoy many of the instructors—they are very good at breaking down complex functions into easy to understand instructions, and they are much more engaging than the owner’s manuals!

Patty Sokol, Administrative Assistant to the Dean, College of Engineering

One of the best things about is that if you have the time, you can learn how to use an entire program; or you can just watch one or two short videos within the course and find the solution you have been searching for. In my current position it has helped me learn many time-saving tips and tricks in Adobe Professional, Photoshop, iTunes, OneNote, Gmail for Power Users, and most importantly it has helped me get a handle on pivot tables in Excel!

On the personal side, I have learned how to digitally restore old faded photographs, increase my proficiency in using OmniFocus for Mac, and I am currently listening to various courses on iOS app development and programming in hopes that one day I could create the next great app! I am very grateful to the University for investing in this fantastic resource!

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