The campus telephone system consists of a Nortel Networks Meridian 1 Option 81C Enterprise Communications System with a CallPilot messaging platform for voicemail service. An enhanced 911 (E-911) system is used to route emergency calls.

Telephone System

Telephone sets are provided in offices and by request in residence hall rooms. Phones and call boxes for courtesy and emergency calls are located in various public building areas and outdoor locations throughout campus.

All telephones can call other 4-digit internal numbers. Most are setup to allow internal, local (7-digit) and toll-free long distance outbound calls. An outside line is reached by first dialing 8.

Accepting collect calls is expressly prohibited. Accepting a call will result in the individual’s being charged for the call, along with a $5.00 call service charge.

Campus Emergencies

Emergency phone calls are answered by the Valparaiso University Police Department. Dial 911 from any campus telephone set. The university’s E-911 system provides both phone number and location information to the police dispatcher.

The University also has emergency call boxes at various outdoor locations around campus. Please study the campus map for more information on the locations of these phones, which are activated simply by pressing the red call button.

It’s very important to note that an emergency call made from a cell phone will be directed to a public safety answering point (E-911 center), not VUPD.

Long Distance

Domestic and international long distance service is provided to faculty and staff. These calls may only be made on phones which are programmed for the appropriate level of long distance use. All long distance calls are billed to the department.

Students may make long distance calls through the use of a calling card, personally-provided toll-free number, or by using a personally-provided cell phone.

Departmental Cellular Phones

IT no longer provides or manages mobile phones for campus departments. A stipend model has been put into place. Employees should inquire with their supervisors regarding whether they are eligible for the stipend.


Live video teleconferencing is possible using our campus WebEx licensing. More information about hosting a WebEx meeting is available in our knowledge base. For answers to other videoconferencing questions, place an ITicket through the Help Desk.

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