Usage of Valpo IT systems requires computing access referred to as your ValpoNet account. Your ValpoNet account consists of a single username and password that synchronizes your password across multiple accounts and opens online access to a wide range of systems and services at Valparaiso University. The Account Management System is a self-serve utility that allows you to change your password once it expires, or to recover from a forgotten password at your convenience by answering the challenge questions you had previously set up.

Computing accounts for new faculty, staff, and non-employees can be created after all data entry is completed by Human Resource Services. Accounts for new students are automatically created after the appropriate information is entered by the Office of the Registrar. For visiting faculty, staff, or consultants, the host, supervisor, or department chair must contact Human Resource Services to provide necessary information.

Accounts included in your ValpoNet account may include:

  • Gmail@Valpo email;
  • Active Directory Services – including the shared S:\ drive, personal H:\ drive, and network print queues;
  • access to all web-based applications including Blackboard Learn, Colleague, DataVU, and others;
  • And more.

All ValpoNet access (except for Gmail@Valpo) uses the same username convention: first letter of the customer’s first name followed the first 7 letters of the customer’s last name. So for example, Steve Wildeburgerhopper’s username would be: swildebu. If multiple people in the system have the same last name and their first names start with the same letter, each of these people beyond the first will have a number at the end of their user name. If you are having trouble determining your username, please contact the Help Desk.

If your legal name changes after your access is setup and you would like to change any of your accounts to match the new name, please contact Human Resources (for faculty, staff, volunteers, consultants) or the Registrar’s Office (for students) and report your legal name change. After completing this step, contact the Help Desk for further assistance.

When a faculty member, staff member, or student leaves the University, rights to any Valpo computing accounts are revoked. Alumni are granted the privilege of lifetime email accounts; contact the Help Desk for answers to questions about this access.

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