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Welcome to the Valpo FitLab presented by the Exercise Science program and the Department of Kinesiology at Valparaiso University.

Understanding personal levels of fitness is an important component of health care. The Valparaiso community has access to a wide variety of fitness assessments and knowledgeable individuals to gain a sense of overall health and the role of physical activity on reducing the risk for disease.

The Valpo FitLab offers a variety of physical fitness assessments ranging from basic assessments to comprehensive evaluations. Please contact us with questions:

Peixing Jiang 219.464.6667


David Lantis 219.464.5280

Package 1: Comprehensive Fitness:

This evaluation provides physiological information necessary to produce a program that can improve health & fitness and assess lifestyle disease risk. This package includes:

  1. Aerobic Capacity – Maximal Oxygen Consumption (VO2max) – A graded exercise test on a treadmill or bicycle, until exhaustion.  The results can assist in evaluating the effectiveness of, or need for an exercise program.
  2. Body Composition – will be used to ascertain ideal body weight.
    1. Skinfold estimation – Skinfolds will be measured at 3 sites.
    2. Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA)­ ­
  3. Flexibility– Includes an assessment of low back and hamstring flexibility to help prevent injury and maintain proper range of motion.
  4. Muscular endurance – will be tested.
  5. Strength – 1 rep max (1 RM) – Bench press and leg press to determine maximum amount of force one can generate.
  6. Lactate threshold – (additional $50) This test begins with a warm-up and then slowly increases in workload until lactate threshold. Blood samples will be taken from the finger.

Package 2: Performance:

Ideal for individuals looking to optimize performance in endurance sports by identifying specific training zones.

  1. Aerobic Capacity – Maximal Oxygen Consumption (VO2max)
  2. Lactate threshold

Package 3: Body Composition:

Along with weight and height, this package includes the evaluation of body composition using 2 different means to measure body composition, including:

  1. Skinfold estimation – Skinfolds will be measured at 3 sites.
  2. Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA)­

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