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Café Setting


Café side

When visitors enter the Language Resource Center, they arrive on the Café side of the facility — an internationally focused, inviting and comfortable setting where pairs and small groups meet for conversation, tutoring, and authentic language use.

The main activities that take place on the Café side include:

Conversation Exchange

  • Language Partner Program: Department-sponsored tutoring in French, German, Spanish and other languages
  • Conversation Partner Program: Native-speaker conversation sessions integrated with French and German courses; other integrated tutoring in Chinese, both undergraduate and MACS (Master of Arts in Chinese Studies) graduate programs
  • English Conversation Partners course: A one-credit GS course that pairs domestic and international students for weekly conversation in English

Resource Counter

  • Films, French and Spanish books, dictionaries, reference support, and take-home materials on a variety of language learning strategies

Study Space

  • Available to all students but with an emphasis on meeting the needs and interests of language learners


  • Books of general and cultural interest, games, and other enrichment materials

Viewing Room

  • Quiet space for viewing films and international TV, recording audio, administering formal speaking assessments, and other sound-sensitive activities


  • Accommodates language clubs and other student groups who schedule activities in the LRC with a language or cultural component


Various activities are scheduled to take place in the Language Resource Center throughout the school year. During most activities that occur during regular hours, the LRC will remain open to the general student population. There are, however, some activities that require we close part or all of the LRC. All activities, including those for which we must close part of all of the LRC for a period of time, are included on the LRC Calendar.