With practice, everyone can get better

Like playing an instrument or a sport, you make progress when you practice your language. No matter your level or ability, you can work toward making progress by meeting with an LRC language partner. The main role of the language partner is to guide you through your language practice.  You can also work on your language through informal practice!


“Practice” with the language partner can mean lots of things:

•  Have a conversation
•  Write some sentences
•  Play a game
•  Listen to music
•  Deconstruct some grammar
•  Read out loud
•  Rehearse a presentation
•  Redo your homework
•  Drill vocabulary
•  Act out role-play situations
•  Explore study strategies
•  Discuss in-country survival skills, and more


Your professor can specify the focused ways you can practice your language with the language partner in your particular course.