2017 Court of Appeals of Indiana Oral Arguments

Indiana’s second highest court will conduct oral arguments at Valparaiso University Law School on Friday, April 7 at 1 p.m.

A panel including Judge John G. Baker, Judge Margret G. Robb and Judge Terry A. Crone will participate. The judges will answer student questions after the argument, but not about this case.

Case: Stigleman, Todd v. State of Indiana

The State charged Todd Stigleman with fourteen counts related to interactions with his estranged wife and alleged he was an habitual offender.  A jury found him guilty of all charges, but the trial court entered judgment of conviction only on four counts of Class A felony kidnapping and two counts of Class C felony stalking.  He was sentenced to forty years for each Class A felony conviction, to be served concurrently, and to six years on the Class C felony convictions, to be served concurrently with each other but consecutively to the Class A felony sentences.  The trial court also imposed a thirty-year habitual offender enhancement, resulting in a total sentence of seventy-six years.  Stigleman appeals his convictions and sentence, contending the trial court erred in admitting evidence of other acts in violation of Evidence Rule 404(b); the trial court erred in denying his motion to sever the counts; and his sentence is both erroneous and inappropriate.

The Court of Appeals hears oral arguments across Indiana to enable Hoosiers to observe the court in action and learn more about its indispensable role in Indiana government. Audiences also get to observe skilled legal arguments and advocacy by some of Indiana’s best lawyers, against a backdrop of case-specific facts and statutory and constitutional law.

Guidelines: No hats, eating or drinking, laptops, cell phones or photo/video recording equipment allowed inside of Tabor. Proper attire is required. In addition, you may not leave or re-enter Tabor after the doors close at 1 p.m. Expected length of the oral argument is one hour.

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