A Note from the Dean

Dear Alumni and Friends,

As we prepare for the close of 2013, it is a fitting time for reflection. During my tenure as Interim Dean, I have worked with a large class of 1Ls who have embraced the new curriculum with enthusiasm. Additionally, I have worked with members of the faculty who have adjusted to the vast curriculum changes. Further, I have reconnected with many former students who are now classified as “alumni,” while meeting and getting acquainted with the alumni community at large. It has been a pleasure.

Many of those opportunities have been made possible through the work of alumni leaders involved in the eight active Regional Alumni Councils. From our own backyard in Northwest Indiana to Washington, D.C. and many cities in between, these groups have done a great job of reinvigorating the alumni community. They have worked to organize events in their areas, encourage local alumni engagement and have provided countless networking opportunities while promoting the Law School. Regional Alumni Council members and other alumni have been valuable contributors to the Law School through giving to the Law School Annual Fund, participating as Alumni Mentors and providing leads to jobs/internship opportunities for students and alumni.

As we embark upon 2014, I hope we will continue to grow and have a broader reach to include more of our alumni.  We are working behind the scenes to incorporate alumni in key areas through groups such as the regional councils and involvement in the experiential education component of the curriculum reform.  In June 2014, we will welcome our new dean, Andrea Lyon, to the Law School. Among the many other great qualities of our institution, I look forward to passing along to her the valuable resource that is our alumni community. From my vantage point, the future of Valparaiso Law is bright.  Please remain connected and get involved.  If you have suggestions for opportunities that would be appealing to you, let us know about them at To those who have been involved, we thank you; to those who haven’t found a role, we welcome you.

Happy New Year!

Ivan Bodensteiner

Dean and Professor, Valparaiso University Law School