Scholarship Retention Data

Students who receive a Valparaiso Law scholarship for their first year of study will have their award renewed as specified in their scholarship award letter. Entering students receive their scholarship award letter at the time they receive their acceptance letter.

After the conclusion of each spring semester, students who had an award for the past academic year and have met the criteria set out in the award letter they received at the time they were admitted to the Law School, will have their scholarship renewed for the upcoming academic year.

All Valparaiso University scholarship awards are made pursuant to University policies on financial aid administration.

# of Students Who Matriculated # Entering with Conditional Scholarships # Whose Conditional Scholarships Have Since Been Reduced or Eliminated
FY2013-14 208  95  TBD
FY2012-13 163 69 31
FY2011-12 214 47 14
FY2010-11 207 53 17