Scholarship Information

The Scholarship Committee at Valparaiso University Law School awards scholarships to admitted students on the basis of demonstrated academic and other meritorious accomplishments. Since scholarship funds are limited, only applicants who have submitted a complete application by March 15 can be assured of scholarship consideration.

Scholarship awards range from $15,000 to full tuition.

Scholarship awards are offered at the time of admission to Valparaiso University Law School. The award is contingent upon the student submitting a full tuition deposit and meeting other criteria, as set out in his/her admit letter, scholarship award letter, and acknowledgment form. Awardees are required to enroll in the full-time JD program at the start of the academic year for which they submitted an application. Awardees are also required to remain in good standing at the Law School.

After the conclusion of each spring semester, students who had an award for the most recent academic year and have met the criteria set out in the award letter they received at the time they were admitted to the Law School, will have their scholarship renewed for the upcoming academic year.

All Valparaiso University scholarship awards are made pursuant to University policies on financial aid administration.