Heritage Hall Rededication Ceremony

The city and university community came together to celebrate the rededication of Heritage Hall on Saturday, April 2.

“The reconstruction of Heritage Hall represents a major step in the university’s vision,” Valparaiso University President Mark Heckler said. “The building tells the story of the first 100 years of the campus, and connects the University to its distinguished history.”

“My father, uncle and my husband’s father all studied law at Valparaiso University, which is why this building has such a special meaning for me,” explained Donna Draper Welter, the primary visionary and benefactor of the building project.

Heritage Hall now houses the university’s Lawyering Skills Center, including its Legal Clinic.  Established in 1969, the Legal Clinic serves the community by providing free legal services to citizens who otherwise would not have access to legal assistance. The clinic handles about 400 cases a year and presents a unique opportunity for students to represent clients before they become practicing lawyers.

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