Called to the Law

We are a community dedicated to the proposition that law is more than a job, it is a vocation: a responsibility and an opportunity to serve others. Valparaiso Law School imparts doctrinal knowledge, teaches practical skills and models the commitment of our community to law as a calling.

Clinics and Experiential Education

· Students gain extensive professional and practical experience through in-house, live client clinics, externships, internships, skills courses, pro bono work, and moot court and other competitive practice teams. Our graduates start their careers with confidence that grows from experience.

· Nine “live-client” clinics for students to gain valuable practice experience: Criminal, Civil, Juvenile, Domestic Violence, Mediation, Sports Law, Tax, Post-Conviction, Immigration Clinic

Personalized Teaching

· Teaching and learning at Valparaiso Law are personalized and collaborative. We help you succeed in your learning and your professional endeavors.
· VU Law students benefit from approachable professors who teach students core competencies such as critical thinking, analytical reasoning and problem solving

Exceptional Legal Research and Writing Program

· Among the most important skills for lawyers are writing and research. Valparaiso Law has long had a distinctive three-year program of writing and research, which distinguishes our graduates through their comprehensive skills.
· Rigorous training in legal writing begins in the first year, This includes not just traditional seminars but courses on appellate advocacy, legal drafting, legal journalism and subject matter specific advanced legal writing and drafting courses

New Curriculum

· A new innovative curriculum which focuses on the changing dynamics of the legal profession

First Year:

• Seven week sessions allow for assessment and feedback
• Courses on foundation of legal analysis taught by senior faculty

Second Year

• Focus on foundational courses including Constitutional law, Administrative Law, Evidence and Trust and Estates

Third Year

• Students engage in clinical and practicum experiences that integrate courses into specific areas of practice

Diverse Community

· Valparaiso Law is constituted by students of every racial group, and of countless ethnicities, religions, nationalities, orientations, backgrounds, and beliefs. The diversity of the Law School is central to who we are.

· 36 percent of the 2014 entering class is from groups underrepresented in the law; 29 percent across all 3 classes In both 2010 and 2011, we received national recognition and an award from the CLEO Program for our continuing commitment to diversifying the legal profession