Career Planning Center’s Weekly Events


Top 5 Jobs and/or Scheduled Interviews

Job ID# Employer Location Job Title Preferred Class
2559 ABA Business Law Section Diversity Clerkship Program Varies 2013 Summer Law Clerk 1L, 2L
2328 Indiana Tax Court Indianapolis, IN Post-Graduate Judicial Law Clerk 3L
2545 Law Office of Weiss and Schmidgall Merrillville, IN Law Clerk (to begin in Jan.) 2L
2563 Marshall County Prosecutor’s Office Plymouth, IN Legal Intern (paid) 2L, 3L
1633 Sanders Pianoski LLP Elkhart, IN 2013 Summer Law Clerk 2L

To view these and other opportunities, please login to your Strategy recruiting account.  If you would like to discuss your job search with a Career Advisor, please contact the Career Planning Center at:  219-465-7814 or visit the CPC in suite 131.

Mandatory Pro Bono Plenary for 3Ls Graduating May 2013

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, April 18, 2013 from 3:40 p.m. – 4:30p.m. in Tabor Classroom

(May graduates who attended the Plenary on November 6th are not required to attend) 

Remember Pro Bono opportunities are posted in Strategy

Fall 2012 EXTERN Final Reports – Friday, Nov. 30 – Submitted via Westlaw’s TWEN

(See the full syllabus for complete details)

a. Remaining time log – Signed by supervisor, with hours totaled to confirm total reached

b. Final journal – Beginning at mid-term journal’s end, do not submit entire journal again

c. Work product – Include only your work completed since Mid-term Report

d. Field Supervisor’s Final Evaluation – Ask Field Supervisor to return forms to you for TWEN submission with all your final reports. Allow employer extra time; submit early!

e. Student Evaluations of your Externship/Field Supervisor and Faculty Supervisor/Director

f. Final Paper- State Judicial and Final Analysis and Reflection – Non-Judicial.  See syllabus for details.