Chicago Alumni Quarterly Lunch Series

Thank you!

The Chicago Regional Alumni Council’s inaugural lunch of a quarterly series was held on May 31, 2013. It was a tremendous success! Professor Curt Cichowski spoke on the latest developments at the law school and answered intriguing questions from the alumni. Professor Derrick Carter also made an appearance and spoke with the alumni about this year’s New Orleans trip and the importance of the Law School Annual Fund. Thank you to all who was able to join us. We hope to see you at the next luncheon in September so keep you eyes open for an invitation and feel free to spread the word, bring a friend and make suggestions for speakers you would like to hear from at future lunches. Submit those requests here:

Thank you to all attendees! 

Dave Allen – Class of 1977              James Harkness- Class of 1996            Meredith Scott – Class of 2012

Daniel Buksa – Class of 1993           Nick Hoeffler – Class of 2013              Brittany Smith – Class of 2011

Derrick Carter – Class of 1975        Amy Hyndman- Class of 2011             Adam Stern – Class of 1994

Christi Childers – Class of 2002      Heather Looby – Class of 2010           Kathy Swett – Class of 2011

Alison B. Crane – Class of 2002      Jayme Matchinski–Class of 1992        Katherine Wehling-Class of 1983

Angela Crossin -Class of 2002        Mark Olson – Class of 1965

Christopher Fleck-Class of 2004     Jonathan Pasky–Class of 2005

Julie Foster                                       Mara Ruff – Class of 2006


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