Chicago Alumni Lunch II

Thank You!

The Chicago Alumni Council wants to extend a “thank you” to all of the alumni who had lunch with us in Chicago on Thursday, September 26th. A special thanks to  Professor Ed Gaffney who spoke passionately to the group and encouraged us to stay connected. Keep your eyes open for the next quarterly event in January!

Thank you attendees!


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Thank you attendees!
Desiree Allen ’12
Dave Allen ’77
Tena Andric ’11
Alexis Figueroa ’12
Chris Fleck ’04
Dylan Grady ’12
Ashely Haws ’12
Justin Jacobs ’13
Kathleen Kwak ’04
Heather Looby ’10
Avaneesh Marwaha ’05
Jayme Matchinski ’92
Tracey Nicastro ’94
Amy Parrish ’05
Jonathan Pasky ’05
Sarah Peterlin ’13
Frank Ponticelli ’04
Ross Roloff ’93
Mara Ruff ’06
Travis Stegemoller ’12
Chris Stemler ’05
Moses Suarez ’10
Luis Vasquez ’12
Yi-Kai Wang ’13
Ben Wojcki ’08
Arthur Zadronzy ’11