Central Indiana Quarterly Lunch Series

Thank you!

The Central Indiana Regional Alumni Council’s inaugural lunch of a quarterly series was held on May 7, 2013. It was a tremendous success! Professor Clare Nuechterlein spoke on the latest developments at the law school and answered intriguing questions from the alumni. Professor Ed Gaffney also made an appearance. Thank you to all who was able to join us. We hope to see you at the next luncheon in September so keep you eyes open for an invitation and feel free to spread the word, bring a friend and make suggestions for speakers you would like to hear from at future lunches. Submit those requests here:

 Thank you to all attendees! 

Melissa Breeden–Class of 1995           Robert  Love–Class of 2010               Tom Ruge-Class of 1976
Christine Douglas-Class of 1975         Elyssa Meade-Class of 2004          Brianna Schroeder-Class of 2009
Jack Donaldson-Class of 2007           Julie Newhouse-Class of 1987           Julie Smith-Class of 2007
Jeffery Earl-Class of 2008                    Tracy Newhouse-Class of 1988         Greg Sylvester-Class of 2011
Ed Gaffney                                          Aubrey Noltemeyer-Class of 2004    Joyce Thompson–Class of 1999
Melissa Gardner-Class of 2011           Dino Pollock–Class of 2008                Daniel Tomson-Class of 2002
Emily Gruener-Class of 2011               Angela  Roach–Class of 1989             Tamara Weaver-Class of 2009
Joe Hoage-Class of 2006                       Beth Krogel Roads–Class of 2005   Amanda Wishin-Class of 2008
Heather James-Class of 2007             Jon Rogers–Class of 2006                  Tim Withers-Class of 1998
T. J. Jarzyniecki-Class of 1985            Abigail Rom–Class of 2010                Mark Worthley-Class of 2007
Gary Rom-Class of 2010                        Tara Worthley-Class of 2007



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