First Year Legal Research

Welcome to the Law!

Here at Valparaiso Law, we take our responsibility to prepare you for your career in the law very seriously. We know that before you’ll be able to apply the law you’re being taught in your doctrinal courses, you’ll have to know how to find it. Over the course of two semesters, we will teach you how to effectively and efficiently use virtually any source you may encounter either while clerking or as a new associate. An understanding of legal information and an ability to conduct competent legal research are a vital components of a sucessful legal career.

Intended Learning Outcomes for the First Year Legal Research Course:

  • Students will be able to identify legal sources in various formats and to use the information contained in each source.
  • Students will be prepared to examine a legal problem and determine which source(s) may contain information to help resolve it.
  • Students will develop competency in performing efficient and cost-effective legal research.


For registered first-year students, course content can be found onĀ Blackboard, Valparaiso University’s online course management software. To log on to Blackboard, use your Valparaiso University e-mail username and password.