Labor and Employment Law Databases

Benefits Practice Resource Center (BNA)
Collective Bargaining Negotiations & Contracts (BNA)
Construction Labor Report (BNA)
Daily Labor Report (BNA)
Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI)

Provides research, data, and analysis of issues relating to employee benefits.  See a librarian for username and password information.

Employment Discrimination Report (BNA)
Employment Discrimination Verdicts & Settlements (BNA)

EEOC Compliance Manual (BNA)

BNA’s publication that covers EEOC requirements, the operation of the EEOC, and the investigation and resolution of employment discrimination charges.

Government Employee Relations Report (BNA)
Human Resources Report (BNA)
Labor & Employment Law Resource Center (BNA)

A resource for cases, guidance, and news in all major areas of labor and employment law.

Labor Relations Week (BNA)
Occupational Safety & Health Daily (BNA)
Occupational Safety & Health Reporter–Current Reports (BNA)
Pension & Benefits Daily (BNA)
Pension and Benefits Reporter–Current Reports (BNA)
Workplace Immigration Report (BNA)
Workplace Law Report (BNA)