Financial Aid Guide

  • Financial Aid Award Letter. You do not need to complete any forms to accept what is listed on your award letter. However, if this is your first Federal Direct Loan, you will need to complete Entrance Counseling and a Promissory Note. If you have been awarded a merit scholarship it will also be listed on your award letter.All federal loans are processed directly through Valparaiso University, without the involvement of private lenders. The amount noted in your award letter is your maximum eligibility for the loan. You may accept all or a portion or decline the loan entirely by indicating your preference on the Award Letter Change Form or you may send an email to with any changes.

    Access the Award Letter Change Form online at

    Outside awards and scholarships will be listed on your award letter if the University has been notified of the scholarship. Once the check is received by the Office of Student Accounts it will be credited to your student account. If you are receiving an outside scholarship and it is not listed, please complete the Award Letter Change Form as it may affect your financial aid award

  • Review Financial Aid Letter. Double-check the housing status and your enrollment status on the letter. If you note an error, please report this on the Award Letter Change Form. 

    View your award letter online. You will receive a hard copy of your initial award letter with instructions on how to access our online site. After the initial award letter all other correspondence will be sent via email (paper copies can be requested).

    Submit Requested Documents. Should you receive a Document Request Notice in your award letter, please follow the instructions and submit requested documents promptly.  Your award is not final and will not show on your fall semester bill, nor will it credit toward your student account until all documents have been received and reviewed by the Office of Financial Aid (OFA). Using DataVU at you may also view the status of all requested documents in the “My Documents” section.

    To contact the Office of Financial Aid email or call 219-464-5015. The Office of Student Accounts can be reached at 219-464-5101.  Other contact information is located at

    Other Information…

    Student Employment: All Valparaiso University students are eligible to apply for a job on-campus through the student employment program. Open student positions are posted on our web site throughout the year. Please go to for more details about student employment and work requirements. First year law students are instructed not to work their first year of law school.

    Your total Valparaiso University scholarships may not exceed the tuition charge, and total aid from all sources may not exceed the Law School’s cost of attendance.

Things you need to complete:

Loan Entrance Counseling: Federal law requires that all students who have not previously borrowed a Federal Direct Unsubsidized or Grad PLUS Loan complete entrance counseling. It should take about 20 minutes to complete the counseling and this step is required before any Federal Direct Loans can be credited to your student account. If you plan on taking out the Grad PLUS Loan please complete the combination Stafford/PLUS entrance counseling.

Master Promissory Note: If you plan on borrowing a Federal Direct Loan (Stafford or PLUS) and have not previously completed a Master Promissory note, please complete the on-line promissory note(s).

Grad PLUS Loan: Should you need to borrow more money to cover the rest of your Cost of Attendance you can choose to take out a Grad PLUS Loan, or apply for an Alternative (non-federal) Student Loan. A link to available private loans is listed at under the Financial Aid link. Grad PLUS and Private Loans cannot be applied for until 180 days before the start of classes. To complete entrance counseling, promissory notes or to apply for a Grad PLUS Loan go to

Federal Student Loans are awarded based on the information provided on your FAFSA, and require at least half-time enrollment (6 credits a semester) Funds come directly to Valpo from the federal government. Repayment begins six months after you graduate or are no longer enrolled at least half-time.

Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan is offered without regard to need, but you are responsible for the interest while attending school and during the grace period before beginning repayment. You may defer interest payments while in school but the interest will accrue, increasing the amount you will pay back. The total loan amount is $20,500. The fixed interest rate is 5.84 percent with a 1.068 percent origination fee* deducted from the loan. Loans awarded for the academic year will have half the loan disbursed at the beginning of each semester.

Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loans are available to graduate students who are receiving their maximum Federal Direct Loans and who still need to borrow additional funds to cover educational costs. You must be enrolled at least half-time and meet the federally defined credit worthiness standards. The fixed interest rate on this loan is 6.84 percent with a loan origination fee of 4.272 percent deducted from the loan before it credits toward your charges.

Billing Statements

All account statement notices are sent to the student’s Valpo e-mail account. In July, an advance billing statement email notice will be sent to all students who are registered for the fall semester.  A notice will be sent at the beginning of December for the spring semester charges. The advanced billing statement will include estimated charges based on the semester schedule and, if your financial aid file is complete, it will list the financial aid that has been awarded for the semester.  Students may log into their TMS Student Account Center Account and to add  other persons who should receive the advanced billing statement.

After the semester begins, a monthly email notice will be sent to registered students to view their Student Account Center information. The Student Account Center summary should include:  tuition, fees, and any other costs incurred up to that date, it also includes all payments received and credits from outside scholarships and financial aid.

The Student Account Center  summary displays up-to-date semester information, can be viewed at any time during the school year and displays information chronologically.

If you believe there is a payment or a scholarship missing when you review your statement, please contact the Office of Student Accounts at 219-464-5101 or 1-888-300-1052.

If you believe you are receiving financial aid that has not been credited toward the account, please contact the Office of Financial Aid immediately at 219-464-5015 or 1-888-468-2576.

Accounts not paid in full will be assessed a $100 late fee and can affect student’s registration for the following semester and can delay receipt of semester grades.

Payment Options

Fall semester payment due by August 15/Spring semester payment due by December 31

If you have not borrowed enough in federal/grad plus or private loans to cover your semester balance you may use the monthly payment plan trough TMS. Or payments can be made:

On-line: Web Payments are accessible from DataVU: May use credit card or checking/savings account

Telephone: Credit/Debit card payments and payments using your bank account: call 1-888-300-1052 press option #5

In Office: You can mail or bring checks to the Valpo Cashier in the Office of Student Accounts. (credit/debit cards will not be accepted at the cashier’s window.) Please review payment options at//

Dropping Courses, Withdrawing & Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Under the University’s Refund Policy the Office of Student Accounts will prorate your university charges and the Office of Financial Aid may adjust your financial aid award if you drop or withdraw from classes during the semester.

SAP simply means you must be making satisfactory progress toward your degree. Specific details on SAP requirements and procedures for dropping courses or withdrawing from classes are outlined in the law school bulletin

Continuing Students: If you borrowed a Federal Direct Loan your MPN will expire 10 years after it was signed, if no loan was borrowed in the last year or if no disbursement was made within a year of the MPN being submitted. Your student account is credited with the amount shown on your award letter, as long as all required documentation has been received. If declining or changing a loan notify us using the award letter change form: under the forms section.

Important Contact Information

Valparaiso University Law School

Office of Financial Aid
Fax: 219-464-5012

Office of Student Accounts
219-464-5101 or 1-888-300-1052
Fax: 219-464-6000

Registrar’s Office

Office of Admissions – Law School

FAFSA Processor

Loan information website

Direct Loan Servicing Center
(Applicant Services/general information)

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