Degree Audit

(Program Evaluation)

The degree audit identifies:

1. Requirements for your degree program.

2. Transfer course work and Valparaiso University equivalencies (if applicable) – graded “TR”

3. Valparaiso University course work, both in progress and pre-registered.

4. Your cumulative GPA.

Summary information is listed at the very top: your name, Valparaiso University ID number, program description and code, catalog year, anticipated completion date, and e-mail address.

A reminder of the residence requirement is next.

Then comes an area of summary information about your cumulative totals. The two lines for INSTITUTIONAL credits and GPA refer to the residence requirement and the minimum number of credits and the minimum gpa that is required at VU regardless of other course requirements. The next two lines for COMBINED credits and gpa refer to the minimum degree requirements required.

The two columns labeled ‘Current’ refer to what you have earned (completed) so far and the number you have left (required minus earned credits). If your gpa is below the minimum requirement, you will see ‘Not Met’ in the ‘Remaining’ column. The two columns labeled ‘Anticipated’ refer to the credits for which you are currently registered or pre-registered (the ‘Additional’ column) and the credits remaining to have the minimum number required for your degree (the ‘Remaining’ column which is Earned minus Additional). Even though the degree audit may show 0.00 credits remaining, this does not mean that all degree course requirements are fulfilled, only that the minimum credit requirement is met. You still need to check the rest of the degree audit for missing requirements.

The rest of your degree audit is organized into ‘blocks’ or ‘modules’ of information, depending on your specific degree plan. These blocks are separated by lines of ===== and are organized in outline format. In front of each part of the outline there is a status code to indicate the status of the requirement. These statuses are also listed just after the summary information and include the following (in order of desirability):

C  Complete

P  Pending completion of unfinished activity

I   In progress

N  Not started

At the end of your degree audit, there is a block called ‘OTHER COURSES’. This contains all coursework that has not been applied toward one of your degree requirements. Be sure to check this area because it also contains all courses that have been graded “I” or “IP”. The degree audit is smart enough to know that these are graded courses and smart enough to know that the grade is not acceptable to meet degree requirements; it is not smart enough to know that these grades will be changed (hopefully). Therefore, it will look like a specific requirement still needs to be met if one of these courses is graded “I”. Once the grade is changed to an acceptable grade, the course will move to fulfill its specific requirement.

Note codes that appear after a specific course are explained at the end of the degree audit. Here are some of the common ones:

IP In progress

PR Pre-registered

RA Repeat attempt – this course is a repeat attempt

RP Replacement pending – course is being repeated

TE Transfer equivalency

NE Non-course equivalency (AP, CLEP, IB, or placement credit)

G Grade – course failed the minimum grade requirement

GPA Credits now are applied only toward GPA

If you have questions about your degree audit, please don’t hesitate to contact:    465-7847   or        465-7983

If you wish to change your anticipated completion date, simply e-mail the Registrar’s office listed above.

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