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Law school, like the practice of law, is often demanding and stressful. Law students and lawyers alike experience high stress levels, which may result in depression, alcohol, or drug problems. A new “work-in-progress,” the Wellness Initiative will help Valpo Law students combat the strain of law school in healthy, productive ways.

Wellness is a dynamic process of becoming aware of and making conscious choices toward a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. It includes learning new coping and communication skills that address both the positive and negative aspects of human existence. The concept of wellness includes seven dimensions, which we will endeavor to address.

  • Social wellness: Creating and maintaining healthy relationships.
  • Physical wellness: Having a flexible, aerobically-fit body.
  • Emotional wellness: Creating and maintaining a positive realistic self concept and enthusiasm about life.
  • Career wellness: Making choices that are meaningful and contribute to your personal growth as well as work.
  • Intellectual wellness: Using your mind to create a greater understanding of yourself and the universe.
  • Environmental wellness: Making choices to create sustainable human and ecological communities, improving qualities in air, water, land and space.
  • Spiritual wellness: The process of “experiencing life” while seeking meaning and purpose in human existence. Spirituality allows one to have consistency between values and behaviors.

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Created by R.A. Abbott, Ph.D. and J. Jones Ph.D. for increasing awareness and use as an educational tool.

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