First Class Assignments

Spring 2018

First Class Assignments

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Prof. Blomquist

Administrative Law

Please read the following material from the CB.

Week 1:

Wednesday, January 10:  pp. 1–21 (the nature and functions of administrative agency).

Friday, January 12:  pp. 21–49 (legislative control of administrative agencies).

Environmental Law

Please read the following material from the CB.

Week 1:

Wednesday, January 10:  Read CB 1–35 (Introduction).

Friday, January 12:  Read CB 35–68 (Introduction; Approach to Risk Regulation).


Torts II

Week 1:

Wednesday, January 10:  Read CB pp. 365–396 (factual causation).

Friday, January 12:  Read CB pp. 396–421 (factual causation; proximate causation).

Prof. Bodensteiner

Constitutional Law II

Assigned Reading:

Freedom of Expression

Jan.  9          1235–1252                              Introduction/Free Speech Methodology

11        S. 57–66; 1252–1265              Content Neutrality

Constitutional Law III


Jan.      9          Introduction—

Articles I–VI of U.S. Constitution                    xli–xlix

11        Federal Judicial Power (Art. III)

Congressional Limits                                       33–40

Justiciability Limits                                           40–41

Advisory Opinions                                             42–45

Standing                                                            45

Constitutional Standing Requirements              45–52


Prof. Howard

Intro. to Experiential Learning

The following sets forth the first day assignment for the 1Ls in Law 191:
1.  Download app for use on your smartphone (preferably);
2.  On January 8, 2018, each student will receive a letter that was written to  him/her last Spring Semester by a 1L student in Law 191.  Read the letter written to you and be prepared to discuss it during the first class;
3.  Using the 26 Lawyering Effectiveness Factors (Skills) Inventory form that I have uploaded to Blackboard, circle the number corresponding to your level of experience with each of these factors.  You should be able to print the form, make your selection, then upload a scanned copy of the form unto Blackboard for Assignment 1.  Please include your name on your submission and upload to Blackboard by January 8, 2018; and

4.  Read Learning from Practice – Introduction for Students (pgs. xv-xviii) and Chapters 1 and 2 (pages 1-32).

Prof. Huss

Business Associations

Required Texts:

Klein, Ramseyer & Bainbridge, Business Associations (9th ed.)

Klein, Ramseyer & Bainbridge, Business Associations 2017 Statutes and Rules

Jan. 8:  pp. 6-28 (and skim pp. 14-28 of the statutory supplement)

Jan. 10:  pp. 31-43, 66-72

Prof. Levinson

Constitutional Law II: 

Read pages 1235-1252; Review Notes and Hypo for Class One (on Blackboard).