Valparaiso University Law School offers students the opportunity to use their laptops to complete their essay exams.  In order to take advantage of this opportunity, students will need to utilize the Examplify software from ExamSoft. Please use the following information to make sure you have followed procedures and are prepared to use Examplify for finals.

ExamSoft FAQ

Q. Are there any specific system requirements to run Examplify?
A. System requirements may be found on ExamSoft’s website.

Q. Where do I go to download Examplify?
A. (the institution ID is valpolaw).

Q. Do I need to reinstall Examplify this year if I already have it installed from a previous year?
A. Yes, students must reinstall Examplify once each academic school year. The new version of Examplify is available every fall semester.

Q. When does my Examplify license expire?
A. Examplify licenses expire August 31st of each year.

Q. When do I need to install Examplify?
A. Examplify must be installed and registered before you attend training.

Q. Do I need to attend training if I have used Examplify previous semesters and have attended training before?
A. You need to attend training once each academic year, even if you have used Examplify  in the past.

Q. When is Examplify training?
A. Dates for registration deadlines and training sessions are listed at

Q. What if I missed the Examplify installation and registration deadline?
A. Once this date has passed, anyone who has not completed the registration process will be removed from the ExamSoft site and will be unable to download the software.

Q. What if I am prepared to take laptop exams and decide to handwrite some or all of them instead?
A. You always have the option of writing; however, please advise Karen Koelemeyer if you decide to write.

More Important Examplify Information

After you install Examplify

  • After you have installed and tested Examplify , do not remove any programs or files, defragment your hard disk, perform a system restore, or otherwise change your system configuration in any significant way until you complete your last computer exam. These tasks may interfere with Examplify’s ability to function normally.
  • If you do have to make significant changes to your laptop, make sure that you run the test exam to ensure that Examplify is still working properly.

Exam Day

  • Ensure that all necessary Windows updates are installed.
  • Disable Antivirus and Malware applications.
  • Bring your power cord and battery.
  • Arrive to the exam room early, plug your computer into a power outlet, turn on the computer, and begin the launching process.
  • Immediately before Examplify launches the exam, you will be provided a warning screen with RED STOP SIGNS indicating that you should not begin the exam until instructed to do so.  Do not type begin until instructed to do so by the exam administrator.

After Exams

  • Do not uninstall Examplify until you receive your exam scores at the end of the academic year.