Counseling Services

The Counseling Center provides individual and group counseling sessions to full-time law students. The Center staff also offers educational presentations through its outreach services, medication services, consultation, and psychological assessment. For more information, call 219.464.5002, visit the Counseling Center website, or contact Student Relations.


Daytime: 219.464.5002

Evening between 5:00-7:30pm: 219.531.3500

After 8:00pm and weekends: 911 for the EMT or go to the Porter ER

An emergency may generally be considered a situation in which you are concerned about the immediate safety and well being of yourself or of someone else. An emergency might involve:

  • Thoughts and plans to hurt yourself or someone else
  • Engaging in a behavior that is life threatening
  • If you have been assaulted, physically or sexually

Campus Ministries
Valparaiso University hosts a variety of organizations providing ministry to students in addition to ministry offered through the Chapel of the Resurrection.

Office of Alcohol and Drug Education The Office of Alcohol and Drug Education offers assessment and outreach to students dealing with dependency or abuse issues. For more information, call 219.464.6820, visit the OADE website, or contact Student Relations.

Sexual Assault Awareness & Facilitative Education (SAAFE)
The SAAFE Office offers crisis center support to victims of sexual abuse. In addition, it offers advocacy services, sexual harassment reporting services and sponsors and supports various events that create awareness in issues regarding sexual misconduct, violence, date rape substances, sexually transmitted infections, and healthy relationships and lifestyles. For more information, call 219.464.6860, visit the SAAFE website, or contact Student Relations.

The Indiana Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program  (JLAP) Research has shown that lawyers may suffer from alcohol abuse, substance abuse, and depression at a rate higher than the general population. Experience has shown that lawyers may be more reluctant than others to seek help for their own problems. The purpose of JLAP is to provide confidential assistance to judges, lawyers, and law students who may encounter these and other issues that could impair their ability to practice in a professional and competent manner. For more information, call toll free 866.428.5527, visit the JLAP website, or contact Student Relations.

The ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs (CoLAP)
The mission of this organization is to educate the legal profession concerning alcoholism, chemical dependencies, stress, depression, and other emotional health issues, and to assist and support all bar associations and lawyer assistance programs in developing and maintaining methods of providing effective solutions for recovery.

Lawyers with Depression
Created for lawyers with depression by a lawyer with depression.