Faculty News

Professor Jeremy Telman’s article, A Monist Supremacy Clause and a Dualist Supreme Court: The Status of Treaty Law as U.S. Law, will appear in Marko Novakovic (ed.), Basic Concepts of Public International Law: Monism and Dualism (Belgrade, 2013).  At the end of May, Professor Telman will participate in a conference in Canj, Montenegro to which the volume’s contributors (from 31 countries) are invited.

Assistant Professor Faisal Kutty’s article, The War on Terror and the Need for Muslim Support, an expanded version of his op-ed last month in the Toronto Star  which argues that the Muslim community has risen to the challenge of addressing the mainstream about extremists within, and that, to win the war on terror, democratic governments must foster productive bridge building with the majority of Muslims who oppose jihadist ideology…was published by