Faculty News

Professors Robert Knowles and Professor Jeremy Telman, presented their paper, “Foreign Affairs Originalism and Kiobel” and Professor Sy Moskowitz presented his paper, “The Rehnquist-Roberts Court: Procedural Rules Mask Ideological Results” at the Fourth Annual Constitutional Law Colloquium held at Loyola University Chicago School of Law on November 1-2.

On Sunday, November 3rd, Valparaiso University Law Professor Rebecca Huss appeared on WNIT’s public television’s Politically Speaking “Pets or Property? The Politics of Animal Rights” hosted by Elizabeth Bennion.

Professor Huss was  joined by South Bend Common Council members Valerie Schey and Fred Ferlic. The participants debated  animal control ordinances, which included household pet limits, urban chickens and breed specific laws targeting pit bulls as dangerous animals.

To view this segment please click the following link: Segment Link

Professor Rebecca Huss, is a nationally renowned animal law expert whose pivotal role (and innovative approach) saved the dogs involved in the Michael Vick dog fighting case.

WNIT Public Television is a not-for-profit corporation celebrating over 39 years of broadcasting in northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan.