International Moot Court Members Compete at Niagara International Moot Court Competition

Eighteen teams competed at the Niagara International Moot Court Competition in Washington, D.C.,  Feb. 23-25, including one from Valparaiso University Law School. The event was hosted by Case Western Reserve University School of Law.

Caitlin Broo, Sandra Corum, Tiffany Houchin and Quandra Speights prepared a brief and presented oral arguments at the competition. They were coached by Latonya Brooks.

They competed against the University of Philadelphia, the University of Michigan and two other teams.

The problem included disputes arising after a large hurricane in the fictional state of Tangoon. As stated in the compromise, the U.S. and Canada both had stakes in the country and were allegedly involved in slave labor and the refusal of humanitarian aid. They also discussed issues of territorial sovereignty and whether the detention of leaders is permissible under international law.