Justice Frank Sullivan Jr. Delivers Supreme Court Lecture at Valparaiso University Law School

Justice Frank Sullivan Jr., a recently retired member of the Indiana Supreme Court, delivered the annual Supreme Court Lecture on Feb. 28 at Valparaiso University Law School.

Justice Sullivan was appointed to the Indiana Supreme Court on Nov. 1, 1993, and had no prior judicial experience at that time. He made six points regarding the lessons he learned as a judge and related them to the many decisions that he participated in over the years. His lessons include the following: judging is more than adjudication; judicial selection methods matter; judging benefits from experience; judging is often a dance with the legislature; judging requires restraint in resolving disputes; and judging requires collegial collaboration, even in dissent.

Justice Sullivan spent a great deal of time associating with law school faculty, students, and deans throughout the state. He highlighted the education offered by Valparaiso University Law School and stated that he not only participated in the Cambridge summer study abroad program, but also attended a number of lecturers and hired law clerks from the ranks of the students.

The Supreme Court lecture is part of the annual lecture series that also includes the Seegers Lecture on Jurisprudence, Tabor Institute on Legal Ethics, Monsanto Lecture on Tort Jurisprudence, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Lecture.