Book List

Follow the steps listed below to determine what textbooks are required and/or recommended for the courses in which you are registered. The bookstore has linked the textbooks to courses in DataVU. This feature provides you with all the information you need to order your texts, including title, author, publisher, ISBN, edition number, and year. The DataVU system has the most up to date information available. There may be courses that will require a professor-prepared course packet which will not be indicated on DataVU; professors will individually notify students, if necessary.

NOTE – you will not find all the information needed to purchase your texts by going to the University Bookstore website. You must look on DataVU. The Bookstore website does not give the ISBNs which you will need in order to make sure you purchase the correct edition. You may purchase your books from the Valparaiso University Bookstore (select “Textbooks & Course Materials” in the navigation), or your may use the ISBN numbers listed in the textbook information obtained through DataVU to purchase your texts from another source.

    1. Go to the main Datatel screen at
    2. Log in with your username and password (call the IT Helpdesk if either need to be recovered: 219-464-5678)
    3. Click on “Students”
    4. Click on “Class Schedule” under academic profile
    5. Where it says “Term” – use the drop down arrow and choose “2017 Fall Law”
    6. Click on “Submit”
    7. You should see your class schedule
    8. Click on the link that says “Book Info” for each class
    9. The books (required and recommended) are listed with all the information necessary to purchase

Book Store Info

Located in the Harre Union, 1509 Chapel Dr.
Summer hours – Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Phone: 219.464.5421
Fax: 219.464.5439