Reading Assignments

Below are the first-day assignments for your Foundations class and the required readings for your Orientation sessions as noted.  Please read those assignments for the days indicated so you are prepared to participate.

Laptops are discouraged at Orientation, so come prepared with a notebook and a writing implement to take notes.  Those notes will prove valuable when you start your Foundations class the following week.

Last, bring your clickers to all orientation sessions.  You may not need them for every session, but you will need them for some.

  • Please read The Buffalo Creek Disaster by Gerald M. Stern. Available at the campus bookstore or other book retailers. Students are REQUIRED to read the book Buffalo Creek Disaster before classes start, and one of the first assignments for Foundations is writing a 2-page essay on a portion of the book, due the first day of class.
    Buffalo Creek Disaster Assignment
  • Reading and Reasoning – Please read the cases under Introduction to Reading Cases & Writing Case Briefs and complete the “Bootcamp Case Briefs False Imprisonment Worksheet.” Bring the cases and your completed worksheet to the session on Friday, August 11.
    Bootcamp Case Briefs False Imprisonment
  • Anatomy of Civil Litigation – Please review and be prepared to discuss the material on anatomy of civil litigation; also, draft a complaint in accordance with the instruction in section 5-b, on page 3 for Wednesday, August 9.
    Anatomy of Civil Ligation 2016
  • Introduction to Legal Citation – Please read the following citations rules for the class session on legal citation on Wednesday, August 9. These readings are an abridgment of Rule 12 in the ALWD Guide to Legal Citation. Please bring your ALWD book and clickers to the class.
    – Introduction to Legal Citation