Degrees Offered

Valparaiso University Law School has the Juris Doctor degree, an LL.M. degree for international lawyers, and seven dual degree J.D./Masters programs.  

The Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree can be completed through a full-time, three year program, an accelerated two-and-one-half year program, or a flexible five-year part-time day program.

Transfer/Advance Standing Admission into the J.D. program. Valparaiso Law welcomes applications from current or recent law students who have completed a full year of academic credit in good standing at an ABA-accredited law school.

The LL.M. degree program is a Master of Laws Program in American Law for foreign-educated lawyers who wish to gain knowledge and competence in the American legal system to enhance their careers in their native countries.

The J.D./Dual Degree programs offer students the opportunity to earn an MBA or one of 6 other Masters degrees at the same time they are completing the J.D. degree.

Honors Program
Following completion of the first semester curriculum, students who display excellent credentials (class rank, leadership ability, writing ability, professionalism, and effectiveness in representing the law school) will be invited to the Honors Program. All Honors Program candidates must interview for the program. The program is limited to the top 20% of the class.

Three Plus Three Program
Undergraduates from Valparaiso University, and other institutions with a 3+3 agreement with the Law School, can apply to Valparaiso Law in their junior year, to matriculate as a first-year law student for what would be their senior year of undergrad.  Such students would therefore graduate with both a 4-year undergraduate degree and JD degree within 6 years – 3 years of undergraduate and 3 years of law school – saving a year‘s worth of time and tuition.

Part-Time JD Program
Admission standards for the part-time program are the same as for the full-time program.Part time students must enroll in a minimum of 6 credits in the fall and spring semesters.  All part-time students must complete 90 credit hours, including all required courses.

After completion of the second semester of part-time study and/or 30 credits or more, a part-time student may transfer to the full-time program with the approval of the Associate Dean (cumulative GPA.

Accelerated J.D. Program
Students are eligible to graduate within two-and-one-half (2.5) years (saving one semester of tuition) when certain conditions regarding full-time semester enrollment and cumulative GPA are met.