Student News

Valparaiso University Law Students Assisted New Orleans Prosecutors

Each year, Professor Derrick Carter takes a group of students to New Orleans to do pro bono work in the Public Defender’s office.  Students used their criminal procedure knowledge to work on long-term projects, organize caseloads, research and write briefs and memos, listen to jailhouse tapes and accompany assigned attorneys to court.



The Law School Welcomes New Student Officers

Student Bar Association:

President: Darnell DeCausey
Vice-President: Christa Leggette
Secretary: Deron Carrington
Treasurer: Sylviane Elessie
ABA Representative: Valerie Johnson
Special Events Coordinator: Ashley Murray

Valparaiso University Moot Court Society:

Chief Justice: Yvette Mishev
Justice of Swygert: Laura Emaus
Justice of Judging: Nelson Pichardo
Justice of Finance:  Jordan Miller
Justice of Inter-School Competitions:  Ebonee Dawson
Justice of 1L Oral Arguments: Eric Massey

The Forum:

Editor-in-Chief: Sarah Peterlin
Asst. Editor-in-Chief: Joel McClellan
Executive Editor: Carolyn Theiss
Managing Editor: Michelle Prasad

Valparaiso University International Moot Court Society E-board:

President: Michael Licari
Justice of Inter-School and Treasury: Christine Kelly
Justice of Membership and Communications: Megan Leffelman
Justice of Intra-School Competition: Alex Lovelace
Justice of Research: Crystal Martin
Justice of Recordkeeping and Development: Tiffany Houchin
Justice of Coaching and Judging:Sandy Corum

New members of Moot Court Society:

Alessandra Vitale
Brady Grassmeyer
Brandon Barnett
Brittany Boatman
Chadd Reynolds
Chris Hammer
Dan Blankenburg
David String
Erica Parker
Geoff Lorenz
Gregory Perez
James Willyard
Janelle Thompson
Jillian Kratochvil
Joseph Wydra
Justin Berggren
Katlyn Rowe
Kylie Johnson
Margo Ahn
Mark Svalina
Mary Zastrow
Mia Mayberry
Michelle Hildebrand
Patricia Spiccia
Wally Hernandez
Whitney Rhew