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ICLEO Fellows for 2013-2014

This fall, 9 of 21 selected 2013 ICLEO Fellows will be attending Valparaiso Law – the highest percentage of ICLEO Fellows in our history, 43%.

In 2013, 68% of all applicants to the ICLEO program chose Valparaiso Law as one of their choices for law school in Indiana. The ICLEO Fellows selection process took place in March and the ICLEO Summer Institute started at Indiana University McKinney School of Law in June.

The Indiana Conference for Legal Education Opportunity program (ICLEO), modeled on the national CLEO program, was approved by the Indiana legislature in 1997.   Indiana was the first state in the nation to have its own CLEO program: a program that assists minority, low-income or educationally disadvantaged college graduates wishing to pursue law degrees.  Indiana CLEO, funded by the state of Indiana, is open to applicants at any of the four Indiana law schools who plan to live, work and make a difference in the Indiana legal community.

The program offers a free, full-time, six week preparatory program during the summer prior to law school entry.  The Summer Institute is hosted in rotation by each of the four Indiana law schools.  Valparaiso Law hosted ICLEO in 1998, 2002, 2006 and 2010, and is due to host next year in 2014.  The ICLEO program also provides a stipend to each ICLEO Fellow for all three years of law school, as well other academic, financial and networking opportunities.

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